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Casualty Statistics

Your community can access information about Gloucestershire’s casualty statistics and facts, detailed information about safety schemes that are being introduced and why, as well as the monitoring of accidents. Further down the page are links to all of the statistics.

Gloucestershire County Council (one element of the Road Safety Team) is recognised by the Department for Transport as the local processing authority for road accident statistics.

This is a role performed on behalf of Gloucestershire Constabulary and it involves collecting from their officers, selected details of every injury accident they attend.

Each report is carefully checked using a computer-generated map of the county. Details like road type, road number and grid reference are especially important. Once a month the data is transferred to the Department for Transport to assist with the compilation of national road casualty statistics

As a result, the team has access to a database dating back to 1983 and containing over 100,000 records, which can be used together with the computer mapping system to monitor risk, accident clusters and concentrations on the highway network.

The mapping system can be used to study clusters of accidents by any of the characteristics stored on the database. This information is invaluable in our road safety life skills planning, and campaign work.

In addition to identifying accident clusters and “Hot Spots”, the database can also be used to:

  • Determine the nature and characteristics of accidents along routes.
  • Help prioritise spending on road improvement.
  • Ensure that proposals with road safety benefits receive priority consideration, and.
  • Identify speed related accident clusters where Safety Cameras may be beneficial.

2016 Casualty statistics

In 2016 there were 851 collisions which resulted in 1165 casualties, of these 279 were killed or seriously injured (KSI). In comparison with 2015 the number of slight injuries have decreased by 1% and the KSI’s have shown an increase by 25%.

Please note that a change in the method of reporting injury collisions has resulted in an increase in the number of serious casualties in Gloucestershire.  The Department of Transport is investigating nationally the effect of this change. Until the results of the investigation is known the quarterly reporting of all killed and serious injury (KSI) figures should be viewed with caution.

Casualty Reports

For individual reports, click on the links below to read more (They will open as a PDF in a new window).

Collisions by Road Class

Casualties by Age Group

Casualties: Male & Female

Casualties by road user group

Casualties by Road User Group
(Adult 16+ Years)

Casualties by Road User Group 
(Child 0 to 15 years)


Casualties by District


Main Causes of Collisions


Casualties by Severity
(2005 to 2016)


Collisions by time of day


Casualties by Road User Group


Gloucestershire Reported Road Casualty Summary Report 2016

For casualty figures reported in 2016, have a look at our Gloucestershire summary report.










Have a look at our interactive collision data map below – 2012 to 2016


Gloucestershire Lifelining Casualty Data 2011-2015

This data provides an overview of the collisions within Gloucestershire.

KSI Comparison Chart
2003-2007 & 2011-2015

Lifelining Chart


Gloucestershire Pedestrian Data Comparison Graph Gloucestershire Pedestrian Data Lifelining Graph


Gloucestershire Pedal Cycle Comparison Graph Gloucestershire Pedal Cycle Lifelining Graph


Gloucestershire All Motorcycle Data Comparison Graph

Gloucestershire All Motorcycle Data Lifelining Graph

Car Driver

Gloucestershire Car Driver Data Comparison Graph

Gloucestershire Car Driver Data Lifelining Graph

Car Passenger

Gloucestershire Car Passenger Data Comparison Graph Gloucestershire Car Passenger Data Lifelining Graph


National Collision Statistics – 2016


Reported road casualties in Great Britain, main results 2016 can be found by clicking here.


2016 reported road casualties, compared with 2015 show:

  • an increase of 4% in road deaths to 1,792
  • a decrease of 3% in casualties of all severities to 181,384
  • vehicle traffic levels increased by 2.2%



Every year the County Council’s Accident Database is analysed to identify locations where a high number of accidents are occurring. Each location is assessed generating a score based on set criteria in line with our Local Transport Plan Targets.

In summary this calculation is based on: The number of users against the number and type of casualties occurring in a 3-year period, showing us a road users ‘exposure to risk’.

Although this is a broad-brush approach to collision identification it is very effective in identifying the majority of problem sites around the County, we also carry out specific causation investigations which allow us to look in to other areas such as accidents; on bends, in adverse weather, involving animals and many more.

The role of the Accident Investigation Engineer is to interrogate this information, and investigate/identify any feasible remedial measures that could be achieved, using the road safety revenue budget or capital programme funds.

Road Safety Schemes are put forward in to the County’s Priority Assessment System, and if successful, developed and installed by capital funding.


Gloucestershire Casualty statistics Every year on Gloucestershire’s roads, there are more than 1000 personal injury road traffic accidents, resulting in approximately 1500 casualties. The Road Safety Team maintains statistics on all personal injury road accident records within the county. Gloucestershire...

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Collision and Camera Map

Use directional arrows to move around the map and use ‘+’ &’ –‘  to zoom into the particular area you are interested in, you can display either the camera positions or collisions by clicking in the check box adjacent to...

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Mobile Camera Site Locations

Within Gloucestershire Road Safety Team, the Mobile Camera Enforcement Unit is committed to reducing risks to road users caused by vehicles travelling at excessive speeds. The mobile speed detection vans operate at over 80 sites across the county and prioritise...

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Fixed Safety Camera Listing


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Gloucestershire Parish Collision Data

Standish Gateway, Gloucestershire

Parish collision data for the period 2014 to 2016 can be found in a PDF here (opens  a new window). The table shows the alphabetical list of parishes with the total of killed, serious and slight casualties. For more Parish information...

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FAQ – Data

What is Road Accident Investigation and Prevention ? Every year on Gloucestershire’s roads, there are more than 1000 personal injury road traffic accidents, resulting in approximately 1500 casualties. The Road Safety Team maintains statistics on all personal injury road accident...

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