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Collision and Camera Map

Use directional arrows to move around the map and use ‘+’ &’ –‘  to zoom into the particular area you are interested in, you can display either
the camera positions or collisions by clicking in the check box adjacent to the appropriate title.

To view a popup containing a little more information on an individual collision or camera location on the map, just click on the individual icon. Even more information is available on the Camera locations by clicking on the web address in the popup.

Data regarding personal injury collisions is collected by Gloucestershire Constabulary in accordance with the Department for Transport
Stats 19 requirements. Every effort is made to ensure that this data is accurate; it is however subject to change should further information become available.

This data may not be fully validated and while every effort is made to ensure its accuracy, any statistics provided may not match those published elsewhere. We do not hold collision data where there are no recorded casualties or the incident has not been reported to the Police. Although we endeavour to show all enforcement sites, those used for lesser operations may not be plotted on this map.’

For further information or questions you may have about safety cameras, click here.

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