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What If? Roadshow

What is ‘What If…?’ all about?

What if…? is a 1 hour road safety road-show aimed at reducing the risk of fatal & serious collisions involving young drivers & passengers.

Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service (GFRS), The Road Safety Team, Gloucestershire Constabulary, Great Western Air Ambulance Charity and the Severn Major Trauma Network are working together to reach out to 16-24 year olds who are most at risk of becoming a casualty from a road traffic collision.

The audience is presented with a film, detailing the story of two young men who were recently involved in a ‘crash’ in the Forest of Dean. They take us on a journey, exploring their emotions and presenting the harsh realities post incident. Alongside the film are on-stage testimonies from professionals who attend road traffic collisions and family members who have been affected by them.

To know more or to book a session for your post 16 year olds please contact Education Team Leader, Andre Bovington on 01452 888719 (

Have you seen the ‘What If?’ roadshow trailer yet? It looks at the philosophy, ethics, psychology & costs of a crash. Watch it below:

Testimonies from those who attended the What if…? road-show:

  • “It exceeded our expectations, it was brilliant…superb, very moving.” – Teacher
  • “I definitely would recommend it. Other RSO presentations have been really boring. I think the mix of presentation styles, the range of people involved – the professionals and parents worked well and held the students’ attention.” – Teacher
  • “It was very useful in causing attendees to reflect on the possible consequences of driving unsafely and to think about what unsafe driving is.” – Male, 16 years
  • “I was touched by the mother of a boy who was killed in a car accident, and her recount of the evening made me reconsider the effects of an incident for me, but also for my family and those who are close to me. It made me realise that I owe it to them to be a safe driver, as well as driving safely for myself.” – Female, 16 years
  • “For the few weeks after, every time I was a passenger I was making sure other people in the car were wearing their belts…my dad is someone who doesn’t always wear a seatbelt.“ Male, 17 years

Students from Farmor’s 6th Form responded to the road show last year on Instagram:

Another student response @whatifroadshow

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More student reactions… @whatifroadshow

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Student reactions…. @whatifroadshow

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More about the What If? Road show

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