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The cost of a call or text when driving is going up!

| 01.03.17

No Mobile, When Mobile Campaign

The cost of a call or text when driving is going up!

The Road Safety Partnership is reminding all drivers to leave their phone alone when driving or riding.  Using mobile phones is one of the most dangerous behaviours for motorists, putting drivers, passengers and others on the road at risk of death and serious harm.

In March the penalty for using a hand-held mobile phone is doubling, from £100 to £200, and 3 to 6 penalty points, and this penalty can be avoided if drivers and riders switch off their phones before they turn the engine on.

This increase in the penalty could easily result in new drivers reverting back to being a learner, and experienced drivers being banned after two offences, or for totting up over 12 points on their licence.

So the personal consequences of a call or text will have a much greater impact so get into the habit now of leaving the phone alone.

The Road Safety Partnership is determined to make this behaviour, that is seen too frequently on our roads, socially unacceptable.


To find out more visit our campaign page here.

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