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Bike Week 2015 (13th to 21st June)


The Gloucestershire Road Safety Partnership are supporting Bike week – More people cycling has been shown to reduce the risk to each cyclist and make the roads safer for everyone. People who regularly choose active travel options such as cycling are healthier and happier reducing the demands on the NHS. It also helps to reduce congestion and pollution for everyone so it’s good for you and good for the community.

Get Your Bike Ready

CyclingSummer is here and it’s a great time to go for a ride. Here is some help and advice on checking your bike is ready with Ten Top Bike Maintenance Tips.

For some ideas for places to ride and help planning routes have a look at places to cycle in here in Gloucestershire.

Cycling events

Enjoying the benefits of cycling.Cycling events are happening in your area – A bike ride is an enjoyable way to unwind and get more healthy and can be even more fun in company. Here are a range of special local Bike Week events you and the family can join in and information on clubs that run regular activities in the county.

To find local events in Gloucestershire and around the country click here for more information.

Cycling in Gloucestershire

Enjoying the benefits of cycling.

We have a great network of quiet roads and lanes in the country. Most of our main urban areas are relatively flat and compact. The Forest of Dean offers some of the best off-road trails in the country. Check out...

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Road Legal


The Law & Highway Code The Highway Code covers cycling. These rules cover the things that cyclists SHOULD do, as well as the things that they MUST do. Some of the things cyclists MUST do: At night, cycles must have a...

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Adult and Workplace Training

Cycle training is not just for children. Any adult, regardless of their experience, can gain useful skills in a couple of hours with our qualified instructors. And you may even get rid of a few bad habits too. Here you can find...

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Bikeability Training

The Gloucestershire Road Safety Partnership offer every school age child over 9yrs the chance to do cycle training, delivered through the Bikeability scheme. The Bikeability scheme has had some great benefits. Click on the image below to find out more: Give youngsters the...

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Enjoying the Benefits of Cycling

A bike can be an enjoyable, economical and healthy choice for short journeys. Did you know that people who cycle more than one hour a week are half as likely to have heart problems as those who don’t cycle at...

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FAQ – Cyclist

Isn’t cycling dangerous? It’s far less dangerous than many think. There are no more fatalities per million miles for cycling than there are for walking.  For young people, especially young men, there is a lower risk of dying while cycling...

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