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Choose Zero – Don’t Drink & Drive

During the last 5 years in Gloucestershire there have been 293 collisions resulting in 412 casualties and of these 111 were killed or seriously injured.  These are the reasons why the Road Safety Team are working tirelessly to make this campaign as effective as possible.





mobile-phone-2016-imageNo Mobile, When Mobile

The Road Safety Team is seeking everyone’s help with this brand new road safety campaign.  Its aim is to change people’s attitudes about mobile phones and driving through a blend of engagement, education and police enforcement.






Country Roads – ‘Brake before the bend, not on it.’

We all know how beautiful our County is, blessed with glorious countryside and rural roads for us to use both for work and leisure.  Tragically, more people are killed on our rural roads than on the urban ones.In the last 3 years, 87 people were killed on Gloucestershire’s roads.  Nearly three quarters (63) of those people were in a collision on one of our rural roads.


Think-Bike-Look-Twice-v2Motorcycle Route Campaign

Riders and drivers are being urged to take extra care on rural and urban roads through a series of signs placed on vital routes





716318-1_THINK_DrugDrive_A3 Poster_HR_1Drug Driving

Following the legislation change in March 2015, police are now more widely using drug swabs that can detect drivers under the influence of drugs by the roadside.







Gloucestershire Safe and Social Driving LogoSafe & Social

The Gloucestershire Road Safety Team is committed to working with everyone to ensure each journey made is as safe as possible. An important aim is to increase sociable driving as we believe that this will result in more peaceful and happy communities where we all share the road safely and think more about each other’s needs. This is why we have launched our sociable driver campaign.


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