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Look out for each other as clocks change

| 24.10.14

As the days get shorter and the nights start closing in the GRSP is sending out an important message to all road users:  “Don’t let the dark make it more difficult for you to see other road users.  Think about what you can do to look out for the road users who cannot easily be seen, such as pedestrians or cyclist.”


So if you’re a driver:

  • Take that extra look for people about either on foot or on bicycle before turning or pulling out.  Walkers and cyclists are especially difficult to see in poor light so give at least that second look, it could make all the difference.
  • As the weather worsens, keep your lights & windows clean and mist-free.  Give yourself every possible chance to see the people who are difficult to see.  And don’t forget to check all your lights are working and replace those that have blown and haven’t been noticed during the lighter months.
  • Keep your speed down; if someone does make a mistake, at least you’ve reduced the chances of a collision by keeping below the speed limit.


If you’re a cyclist:

  • Be seen;  always use lights, wear something bright and put yourself in a position where other road users can see you.


If you’re a pedestrian:

  • Try and cross roads where others can see you, near street lighting or better still at a controlled crossing.
  • Remember, drivers cannot see you so give them time to stop before stepping out into the road.
  • If you’re with young children, always hold their hands whenever you’re near roads.

National and local casualty data tells us that October and November tend to be one of the highest months for road casualty collisions.  It is believed this is due to drivers finding the change in the weather and reduced daylight hours challenging.

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