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Report a cycling close pass or other near miss incident

Near Misses – Collideoscope


We have adopted the Collideoscope online tool for reporting near misses involving cyclists and other road users.

This allows you to log the location, time and any other details of your incident along with supporting photos (max 2Mb).

A report is then sent to us and will be used to help identify hot spot areas where multiple incidents are occurring, to guide driver education and enforcement as well as our recommendations on infrastructure and highway design.

NOTE: If using a smart phone or similar device you may experience issues placing a pin to locate your incident. All reports are valuable to us in our efforts to improve cycling conditions so, if this is the case, please submit yours next time you have access to a PC. 

This page is not to be used for reporting actual collisions where personal injury or physical damage is involved.

It is designed to gather data which we can use with our partner agencies in order to improve cycling safety within Gloucestershire. Your information is not intended for use in formal prosecutions.


If you are reporting an actual collision with a motor vehicle please follow this link for more information;

If the collision involved another non-motorised road user, please use this link as well.  While intended primarily for motor vehicle drivers, the information is applicable to anybody involved in a collision, whether injuries or damage are caused.

Or if you wish to report an extreme and dangerous manner of driving, fill in an Incident form, for the matter to be assessed;


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