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Parking on single, double yellow lines or zig-zag markings:

Any vehicles parked on a double or single yellow line or on zig-zag lines should be reported to the County’s Parking Team, including times when the problem is at its worst, they are able to deploy officers as resources allow.

Request new double or single yellow lines:

Requests for new parking restrictions should be sent to GCCHIGHWAYS@AMEY.CO.UK  to ensure the correct person is reached.

All parking restrictions are subject to a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO). The process of creating a TRO is very lengthy and expensive. TRO’s are also open to objection which can significantly extend the time it takes to process the order and can lead to a public inquiry if the objections are substantial. Please obtain the support of your Parish or Town Council and others living in your community so a single representation can be made to Highways for consideration.

Keep clear ‘H’ markings:

As an alternative residents are able to apply for a white ‘H’ marking to be installed across an access. These markings do not require a TRO and whilst they are advisory only they tend to be respected and can be used by the police as evidence of a parked vehicle causing an obstruction.


If a vehicle is parked illegally and causing an obstruction by parking across dropped kerbs, on the pavement or across an access then this should be reported to the local policing team.

School gate parking:

Legal and considerate parking around schools has the effect of reducing vehicle speeds which we would encourage. Of course if a vehicle is obstructing a crossing point, parking on the pavement or across an access then this should be reported to the local policing team as above.

The school can play a huge part in encouraging parents to consider alternative means of getting their children to school. Each school has a travel plan and a timely reminder to revisit this plan can improve matters for those living nearby and those dropping off and picking up children.


Parking near junctions and driveways:

Parking near a junction or driveway (but not obstructing it) does not usually generate a road safety hazard. A five year record for injury collisions across the county can be found on our website.

Rule 242 of The Highway Code states that you MUST NOT leave your vehicle or trailer in a dangerous position or where it causes any unnecessary obstruction of the road. If a vehicle is breaking this rule then this is a matter for the police.

We understand this inconsiderate parking can cause problems with visibility, so proceed with care and if possible reverse onto driveways to make manoeuvring out easier.

The Highway Code rule 243 says DO NOT park opposite or within 10 metres (32 feet) of a junction, except in an authorised parking space. As this rule is not mandatory it allows such parking, if rule 242 above is applicable then that vehicle could be committing an offence.

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