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Don’t set off for a summer BBQ without reading this…

| 15.06.17


Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service, police and county council road safety team are asking drivers and riders to ‘choose zero alcohol’ this summer.

Even if you’re under the limit, you’re at risk when you drink and drive. In the past five years, more than 300 drivers have been killed or injured in alcohol-related collisions in Gloucestershire, 92 of these incidents were in 2016.

To reduce future incidents, the message is clear: even if you’re under the legal limit, the increased risk makes it dangerous to get behind the wheel, as any amount of alcohol will impair your driving or riding.

Although the legal limit is 80 mg of blood alcohol, drivers with 50mg are up to six times more likely to be involved in a fatal collision, so choosing zero is clearly the best policy.

Cllr Nigel Moor, cabinet member for road safety, said “Most drivers know that drinking or drug driving is a serious offence and that the risks and penalties are high. Some people can even quote the legal limit – but it’s sadly a minority who know how many drinks can reach the limit, how many drinks are ‘safe’ and how long it takes for alcohol to leave the system.

“This campaign that I am pleased to launch removes all doubt. Choosing Zero alcohol will keep drivers safe and legal and avoid the misery that follows collisions and conviction.”

Stewart Edgar, chief fire officer, said “I welcome the behaviour of the majority of drivers who don’t drink any alcohol before driving. I urge the minority who are still prepared to take the risk to think again: enjoy the summer, enjoy socialising and choose zero alcohol and drugs if you are driving.”

“Let me be absolutely clear, there are no grey areas with this offence. Even if you’re just over the limit, you’re still a drunk driver in the eyes of the law. You will be arrested and face the penalty. Any amount of alcohol will impair your ability to ability to drive or ride safely, so avoid gambling about the limit, and avoid being involved in a drink drive crash by choosing zero alcohol if you are driving.”

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