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Drink drive crackdown sees 39 arrested so far in Gloucestershire

| 23.12.13

Gloucestershire Road Safety Drink Drive Launch 2013

EIGHT more people have been arrested during the third week of the Christmas drink drive crackdown.

The figures cover the period between Monday, December 16 and Sunday, December 22 and of those arrested five have been charged and they now face a possible driving ban to start the New Year.

Roads policing inspector Kevin Roseblade said: “One person drink driving is one too many but these results are encouraging as the number is about half of what we have seen in the first two weeks.

“Particularly of note is the work by officers in Cheltenham last Friday (December 20) to try and detect anyone who had drunk the night before and who may have still been over the limit that morning.

“Over 300 cars were stopped and over 200 people breath tested. Thankfully no one was over the limit and no one was arrested.

“We hope we will see that outcome elsewhere as we continue to carry out roadside operations right across the county. Our key message this year is very simple – eat, think and be merry.”

Of those charged around the county, two were women, three were men and they ranged in age from 27 to 61-years of age.

It brings the total arrested in the drink drive crackdown in Gloucestershire to 39 since the beginning of December.


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