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Drive for Life @ SkillZONE

SkillZONE is a state of the art life size safety village in Gloucester. It is the home of Road Safety education in the County..

The Drive for Life experience at Skillzone is a hands-on, interactive session aimed at new drivers and their passengers. The sessions, led by young drivers, Police officers and road safety experts, looks at the major causes of road deaths for drivers under 24 and the consequences of these crashes. The session last approximately 2 hours. Students will also have the opportunity to walk round the Drive for Life exhibition which features road safety campaign artwork as designed by the graphic design students from GlosCol. The session will cover:

Drink and drug driving:

roadsafety-0225Try our drink and drug driving go-karts. In collaboration with Cirtkitz International and their electric go-karts, students can experience driving whilst impaired. Wearing booze goggles, students can see how drinking and driving should never mix.





Seatbelt on?

roadsafety-0062Experience a crash a 7mph on our seat belt simulator & see how a seatbelt could save your life. A Fire Fighter from Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue will talk you through every reason to wear and seat belt and the crashes he has attended where the drivers and passengers haven’t. Why risk it?





roadsafety-0199What difference does a couple of miles an hour make? This session will have a look at the psychology of motorists who feel that speeding is a minor offence and a risk to comfortably take. It will explore the differences between excessive and inappropriate speed. The session will look at the reasons why you speed and the consequences. Family members from local young people killed in speed related road collisions will talk about the life-long impact of their loss.


Distraction & mobile phones:

roadsafety-0118Driving is a complex and demanding task that requires your full attention as a driver. However there are times when Facebooking, Tweeting,, Snapchatting, texting and talking at the wheel can seriously harm your ability to focus. This interactive session, delivered in the Skillzone house, looks at the limitations of the human brain to multi-task.

The Anatomy of a Crash

roadsafety-0170This online session, delivered in SkillZONE’s internet cafe comes from the award winning Drive IQ training programme. Students will navigate their way through the Anatomy of a Crash module, after which they will get to have a look inside the Road Safety Team’s Collision Investigation Van and discover exactly what the Police do at the scene of a crash.



For more information on the Drive for Life experience, please contact Louise Griffiths on 01452 888780 or


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