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Driver training

Young driver tearing up the L plates

Find a driving instructor

Choose your instructor with care. Ask them:

  • Are they registered as an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI)?
  • What grade are they rather than how cheap are they. All ADI’s are graded by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA).
  • Do they deliver Drive IQ Pro?
  • Do they embrace client centre learning and a coaching style of teaching?

New ways to find an ADI – Get the roadio app

The app is free, both to the student and their instructor.

Through it a student has their own driver profile, interacts with their instructor and gets feedback and records progress towards the test and beyond.

From early 2014 it will also provide direct access to Drive iQ e-learning resources.

Find out more at

Advanced Driving

Passing your test is just the start. An advanced driving course can help you improve your skills, anticipation and make your driving experience even more enjoyable. It could also reduce your insurance premium. There are several options for you in Gloucestershire including:

  • ROADAR (RoSPA advanced Drivers and Riders).
  • IAM (Institute of Advanced Drivers) for Drivers, Riders and Cyclists.
  • Diamond (Driving Instructors Association).

Under 17 Car Club & Pathfinder

The Road Safety Team support the Under 17 Car Club and they offer pre driver training courses based at Throckmorton Airfield.

Pathfinder is a practical and theoretical introduction for pre-licence drivers (aged 15 -16) delivered through an intensive 5 day programme.

Pathfinder introduces the essential driving skills and knowledge needed to enjoy a safe and long driving career and delivers a valuable understanding of how to drive safely, thoughtfully and within the law.

The applicant will typically drive their family car and be taught by a parent or guardian who will be supported and guided by a dedicated team of Pathfinder instructors.

For 15 and over

For Students Under 15

Drive iQ Gloucestershire

Research shows that 1 in 5 young drivers will have a crash within the first year of passing their test and engaging in Drive iQ Gloucestershire is one of the valuable ways of reducing this likelihood. Drive iQ Gloucestershire is...

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Drive for Life @ SkillZONE

Skillzone promotional image

SkillZONE is a state of the art life size safety village in Gloucester. It is the home of Road Safety education in the County.. The Drive for Life experience at Skillzone is a hands-on, interactive session aimed at new drivers...

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Drive for life research

In the Team, we are working hard to produce new driver education and training programmes that you, as new drivers want and need. And this starts by understanding those needs so in early 2014, we commissioned a large scale research...

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Campaigning: Drive for Life: Design for Life

Towards the end of 2013, the Gloucestershire Road Safety Team were approached by the Gloucestershire Echo to support their road safety campaign. As part of the project, the team agreed to run a competition with the design students of Gloucestershire College,...

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