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Driving in Fog: A reminder

| 14.03.14

In light of the recent bad weather, Garry Handley OBE, Partnership Manager for the Gloucestershire Road Safety Partnership has issued the following guidelines on driving in fog:

Fog can be a real hazard to motoring, but a few simple steps can help to reduce the risks – first of all make yourself seen; make sure that your lights are working and switched on full, and if you have a vehicle fitted with lights that come on automatically when it gets dark, turn them on manually as they recognise reduced light not reduced visibility.

Also make sure that you can see as much as possible by using your windscreen wipers and demister, and keep an eye out for other road users who may not be using lights, or if they are walking they may be even harder to see. And if you are riding a motorcycle keep your visor clear.

And remember that FOG means ‘Foot Off the Gas’, so keep your speed down and leave a good separation distance between you and the vehicle in front.

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