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Invisibles Campaign focuses on cyclists

| 02.09.14

With lots of extra bicycles set to hit the streets this week, Gloucestershire Road Safety Partnership is asking motorists to make a more conscious decision to look for cyclists.

National Cycle to Work Day is taking place on Thursday 4th September which is during the current ‘Invisibles’ road safety campaign in Gloucestershire so this is a timely message to all road users about sharing the road together safely.

Road Safety Partnership spokesman Don Muir said: “Cycling is as safe as walking and it’s also a fantastic way to keep fit and get around. Our campaign is really about encouraging cyclists to be seen by riding in the best place to maximise visibility and look out for potential hazards.

“Most importantly we are reminding drivers that cyclists can be invisible if they don’t do everything they can to look out for them.

“I encourage anyone who is thinking about cycling to work on Thursday to give it a go. You can even expect an hour extra life expectancy for every hour spent cycling. ”

Half of all collisions involving bicycles and another vehicle in Gloucestershire happened when the driver or rider, failed to look.

This means they contributed to the collision by either not properly looking where they were going or they looked, but misinterpreted what they saw.

The majority of ‘failed to look’ crashes occur at urban road junctions, so campaign posters with the slogan ‘Look, look, look again for the biker’ are being used at locations around the county. Other advertising is being used on buses, radio and billboards.

Cabinet member for road safety, Will Windsor-Clive said: “I’m really pleased with this campaign to increase awareness amongst every road user.

“We know that motorcyclists and cyclists are more vulnerable than drivers but we all play a part in making Gloucestershire’s roads safe. When pulling up to a junction, a glance is never enough – always look right and left at least twice.”

From this week Gloucestershire businesses are attending a free education programme called ‘Coming to a Junction near you’.

The sessions, targeted to employers with more than 250 commuting employees, covers the science of being seen and seeing others, the risk of crashes at junctions, speeding and distractions.

Safety tips for cyclists and more information on the campaign is available at

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