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Driver Course Feedback

To give feedback on any of the following courses please click on the link below. This will also let you gain access to the course attendance certificate once the feedback has been completed.

– National Speed Awareness Course Feedback – This course is for drivers caught speeding.

– National Driving Alertness Course Feedback – This full day course is for persons caught driving without “due care and attention”.

– National What’s Driving Us? Course Feedback – This classroom based driving course is for drivers who have broken a traffic regulation ie jumping a red light / using a mobile phone.

– National Driving 4 Change Course Feedback – This is a practical driving course for up to 2 persons.

National Speed Awareness Course Feedback




To see the latest 3 month (2017) review of the National Speed Awareness Course please click here.








Biker Down Course Feedback

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To give feedback on the Biker down course please click here






Cycle Training Feedback


To give feedback on cycle training please click on one of the following links:

– Bikeability Training Pupil Feedback

Bikeability Training School Feedback

1:1 Cycle Training Feedback


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