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Gloucestershire Road Safety Partnership share 50 year journey to reduce drink-driving deaths

| 08.12.14

Former colleagues from Gloucestershire police, Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue Service and The Ambulance Service are sharing their stories about how the past 50 years of campaigning has dramatically reduced drink-driving related deaths.

Malcolm Tomlinson from The Ambulance Service remembers

Malcolm Tomlinson, pictured here in service uniform from the 1960s.

Malcolm Tomlinson, pictured here in service uniform from the 1960s.

Malcolm Tomlinson worked with the Ambulance Service from 1968 – 2012. He joined the Gloucestershire Road Safety Partnership at the launch of the winter anti-drink drive campaign which marked 50 years of driving drown drink drive crashes. Malcolm remembers the devastating effects of drinking and driving:

“It was just accepted in years gone by that you could drink and drive. We used to get knocked about by drunk people who had been in a crash and some would get pretty aggressive when we turned up.

The one thing that sticks in my mind is the horrific facial injuries people used to get from shattered windscreens from cars from the sixties and seventies.

Thousands of pieces of glass would destroy these pretty young faces, I will never forget that.

I once attended an accident with 3 seriously injured passengers lying on the road and I was working by myself. I just had to deal with what I saw, but lives are always put in danger when you drink and drive and it could all be avoided.

I worked in a city environment and the arrival of seatbelts and safer cars changed things. And people’s attitudes changed slowly over the years.  Drinking and driving should be stopped entirely though.  We all think it won’t happen to us but some people still take the risk, even after everything we now know.

For more information on this years drink drive campaign, please visit out website here.

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