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Gloucestershire Special Constables Join the Fight Against Drink Driving

| 06.12.13

Drink Drive

Gloucestershire Police’s Special Constables are supporting the Road Safety Partnership’s Christmas drink drive campaign by leading on a number of operations to stop and breathalyse drivers.

With the first one taking place tomorrow night (Friday December 6) the operations will by carried out right up to Christmas.

The operations will see Special Constables at undisclosed locations around the county stopping cars and carrying out breath tests.

Inspector for Roads Policing in Gloucestershire, Kevin Roseblade, said: “Gloucestershire’s Special Constables play an integral part in the policing of the county and it’s a huge asset to have them supporting the 2013 campaign to keep our roads safe for the festive period.

“The message is simple – you can’t know your own alcohol limit so don’t take the risk. The only way to be sure you are safe to drive is to have none for the road. Drinking and driving is a serious criminal offence and is totally irresponsible.  Motorists who think they can get away with it this Christmas are likely to face the full weight of the law.”

In addition to the road-side checks officers will also be carrying out high visibility patrols, both on foot and in vehicles, to prevent and detect alcohol related anti social behaviour.

They will also be visiting licensed premises around the county to deliver the “Eat, THINK, Be Merry” message by handing out leaflets to those drinking to get them to think before they get behind the wheel of a car.

Figures show that, on average, three drivers a day fail a breath test in Gloucestershire, something that is reflected nationally. In Gloucestershire last year, 2 collisions every single week involved somebody who took the risk of drinking and driving and from these, 31 people received fatal or serious injuries.

Special Constable Steve Lindsay said: “As volunteer Constables for the Constabulary we’re pleased and proud to be taking part in the 2013 campaign and joining our colleagues in keeping Gloucestershire’s roads safe.

“Our advice is that if you’re thinking about having a drink whilst out enjoying the festivities this Christmas plan how you are going to get home without driving and don’t forget you could still be unfit to drive the next morning.”

Nationally, 280 people were killed in drink drive incidents last year, an increase of around 17% on 2011’s figure. Since reporting began, there has been an almost six-fold reduction in the number of people killed in drink drive incidents.

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