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Normally, road safety concerns fall into two broad categories – concerns about the ‘road’ or place, or concerns about the unsafe manner in which some ‘people’ behave on the road – and it would be very helpful to you if the concern is directed to the correct place in the first instance to provide the most appropriate help and advice.

The vast majority of concerns can be resolved at an early stage by self-service reporting, other more technical concerns can be resolved by discussions with the relevant officer.

Please follow the steps below to find out how best we or our partners can help you.

Menu of concerns:

1. Speeding
2. Parking
3. Pedestrian / Passenger safety
4. Signing and lining
5. Road Condition or layout

The extent and nature of road safety actions will depend on the availability of finance, staff, facilities and time.  Limited budgets may place restrictions on the programmes the council are able to carry out, so we must all be realistic about what options we have that could resolve or reduce the concern.

More complex concerns may require a combination of agencies to work together and these can be coordinated by the Hub.

The Hub will always aim to help, and what it lacks in budget is compensated by knowledge, experience and enthusiasm. The Hub cannot override decisions or contradict the traffic signs regulations, but it can support local actions for change and community activities.

Helping communities to help themselves is one of the most effective strategies that the Hub recommends. This way of working aims to tackle the human behaviour that created the concern in the first place.

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