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Look, look, look again; it could save a life.

| 19.11.14

Kate Tucker, a mother of two from Wotton-under-Edge, tragically lost her motorcyclist husband on the A38 at Claypits, Gloucestershire. He was hit by a car pulling out of a side road. Kate’s devastating experience highlights the need for drivers to take time to look at junctions. It really could save a life. Kate says:

This week it will be 13 years since my husband was coming home from work on his motorbike, just like any other normal day. Our children were already home doing homework and waiting for us to get back, make tea and settle down to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I was driving home along the same road that my husband would have been using, when I arrived at a police roadblock. Imagine my sheer horror when I finally arrived home after a ten mile detour to find the police with my children, waiting to take us to Gloucester Royal Hospital where my husband had been taken following a crash between his motorbike and a car.

He died from his injuries. Our world fell apart.

At the inquest I heard how the car driver, travelling along a minor road, came to a junction with a major road and stopped to check that it was clear for him to pull out turning right. He did look. He looked right, and then looked very carefully left, because of the brow of a hill. He glanced right again and pulled out straight into the motorbike. He made a catastrophic mistake which changed all our lives forever!

The driver was charged with ‘driving without due care’ after appearing before the magistrates court. He was fined and gained five points on his driving licence.

We know that life has to go on and we’re trying to manage to cope. But we have had to learn to live without a fundamentally key person who we loved and expected to share the rest of our lives with.

I can’t help but think of that moment when the car driver shouldn’t have blinked and should have looked again. That extra look could save saved my husband’s life. It could have saved us a lifetime of ‘what if?’ and a lifetime of key moments without a husband, Dad, son, brother, uncle, friend who should be there.

The look that didn’t happen could have saved us a lifetime of pain.

The Gloucestershire Road Safety Partnership is enormously grateful to Kate for sharing her story in this, Brake’s Road Safety Week.

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