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Meet the team

Gloucestershire Road Safety Team

The Gloucestershire Road Safety Team is committed to working together to make every journey made in the county as safe as possible. The team brings together expertise from Gloucestershire Police, Gloucestershire County Council and Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service.

We have an ambitious vision of a future where no-one is killed or seriously injured on our county’s roads and where all road users can journey without fear.

We believe that, together, we can improve the quality of life for people living, working and travelling within Gloucestershire by reducing collisions and casualties on our roads and promoting road safety skills for life.

Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service. Picture by Clint Randall

Maria – Head of the Road Safety Team

IMG_7603Having worked for Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service for over 25 years, I firmly believe in the ethos of prevention rather than cure so having made the move to the Road Safety Team in 2014, I am proud to work with a group of people who have same belief.  We are focussing our efforts on encouraging a change of attitude and behaviour of those who use our roads. Rather than automatically looking to making the roads safer (particularly difficult in the current financial climate), let’s encourage people to use them more safely. My role involves developing strategies and plans to deliver a road safety service which does exactly that, underpinned by good data and evaluation to ensure improved outcomes for the people of Gloucestershire.

Garry – Delivery Manager

Hello.  I have had the pleasure of working in road safety all of my working life, and it’s a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding job.  My role is to look after the delivery of road safety for the Team, which includes helping communities to help themselves, working closely with our partners and also delivering a wide-range of driver training and assessment schemes for young drivers all the way to those who are driving later in life.  Many of our training services are delivered by a member of our driver training team, and this team is made up of enthusiastic and experienced Approved Driving Instructors.  Never two days the same, and never a dull day!

Andrew – Intelligence Manager

With an early career in civil engineering I moved to Road Safety some 20 years ago as part of the delivery of the Gloucester Safer City initiative. I look after a team who make full use of available evidence to use data to direct and influence the various interventions carried out within the team. ‘we cannot change the past, but we can use the evidence from the past to help influence the future’.

Andre – Education Team Leader

82494Education is the fundamental answer to making our journeys on the road safer, every time.  Our focus is about giving people the facts, the consequences of their mistakes or rule breaking and finally ending with giving them the choice; whether to enjoy the freedom of the road by sticking to some simple rules and looking out for other people or face the often terrible consequences which could change or worse, ruin their lives forever.  The fantastic team of dedicated trainers & educators I support deliver practical education and training for young people who love walking, cycling or riding a motorcycle and we are dedicated to enabling them to so safely, sharing the road with others in considerate and stress free way.

Alison – Safety Schemes Coordinator

For the past 25 years I have been involved in improving safety for all those using Gloucestershire’s roads.  My role is to study the collision database, using information provided by the police who attend these incidents, to see where people are at risk of being injured on our roads, to identify any clusters, trends or patterns. Sites that would benefit from road safety engineering, where it is felt that changes to the road layout will prevent further collisions, are investigated to find an appropriate solution. I work with the county highways contractor who progress ideas to design and build. Sites are monitored over time to determine how effective these improvements actually are in saving casualties.

Ruth – Public Engagement Officer

The reason I work in Road Safety is because I know only too well how devastating a road traffic collision can have on a family.  My role as engagement officer is to develop the most effective methods of communicating our key messages to selected groups amongst Gloucestershire’s community of road users.  I am privileged to work with an experienced and passionate team, who collectively strive for excellence alongside our Fire & Rescue and Police partners.  My motivation is about helping to avoid another Gloucestershire family having to suffer in the way mine did all those years ago and I believe through effective engagement we will reduce casualties

Stephen – Driver Training Officer

Within the team  I help and support various aspects of driver training that the RSP is involved in.  Ensuring that our staff involved in national courses are fully trained and supported. As an Approved Driving Intructor specialising in disability, I can offer more specialised advice to the public when needed. My role is quite a  wide and open one, covering various aspects of administration. However the education side of my job and helping the public is so satisfying.

Sarah – Schools Safety Officer

I joined the team eight years ago and I have several roles.  One is to co-ordinate the School Crossing Patrol service, looking after our lollipop ladies and gents right across Gloucestershire.  Much of my time is spent on road safety education, for Infant  to Secondary age groups, working closely with our data team to see which age groups are at greater risk, and why.  I can then plan for resources to be available via our website for teachers and parents.  Sometimes the best option is to go into school to deliver face to face interventions and training or to develop projects which will help to get the road safety message across.

Don – Cycle Training Coordinator

DonAfter decades taking part in and enjoying nearly all aspect of cycling I thought I had a pretty good understanding of the issues when I took up this role in 2007. I have spent the years since looking at the evidence, replacing personal experience with objective knowledge and realising that most things we think we know about cycling are wide of the mark. I co-ordinate the delivery of Bikeability training to the county’s schools, look to expand and share the knowledge of changes that could make a real difference so that using a bike becomes a viable option for more people in the county and we can all enjoy the many benefits.

Jordan – Data & Engagement Officer

My role is to validate and analyse road collisions to create reports and to assist with the provision of a research and evaluation to the Road Safety Team. The collision data we receive from the police can be viewed on our interactive collision map, which also provides the evidence for campaigns and I create data infographics. I also maintain and develop the Gloucestershire Road Safety Team website and social media content (Twitter / Facebook) to deliver informative and an up to date messages and information to the public and partners.

Chris – Safety Auditor

My role within the Road Safety Team is to coordinate and conduct road safety audits. The purpose of safety audit is to check on the road safety aspect of proposed new schemes or amendments to the highway network.

We assess large and small schemes where there are proposed changes to the existing network, so we can get a feel for the surrounding area and local conditions. By visiting each site with a plan of the proposed works and imagine how the scheme will fit into the environment and how it will benefit the community and we also look for any potential drawbacks. It is important to consider the safety of all road users, including pedestrians, cyclists and vulnerable users, such as the visually and mobility impaired, as well as drivers.

Denise – Data Analyst

From a background in traffic management, I’ve now been involved in developing our comprehensive collision recording and analysing system for over 25 years.   My current role involves ensuring the database is kept current and contains data which is as up to date and accurate as possible.  I expand and improve the ways we can analyse the data, sometimes in conjunction with our computer programmers.   I produce detailed analysis and reports to help others, within and outside the team in order to focus their work and campaigns.

Our Partners

Gloucestershire County Council & Gloucestershire Highways

Road safety is a statutory duty of each local authority and to discharge these duties in such a close and professional team achieves the very best and most effective service for everyone living, working and travelling in our county.  Click here for more information.



Gloucestershire PoliceGloucestershire Police

Protecting life and property is one of the foundation stones of the police service, and by far the greatest risk is faced when people make journeys.  Policing the roads and protecting travellers is our aim and we are therefore a natural partner to work together to reduce these risks whenever possible.  Click here for more information.


Gloucestershire Fire and RescueGloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service

We are proud that the road safety team are now embedded in Fire & Rescue Service and are based at the Tri-Service Emergency Centre at Waterwells.  Strategic management and collective support will strengthen the team and will bring huge benefits to the population of our county.  Click here for more information.








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