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National Bikeabilty Scheme copies our cycle certificates!

| 24.03.17

When the child rides off home after training, very often the only evidence of anything learnt is the certificate they want to show their parent. And if it just congratulates the rider on completing the course, parents aren’t going to learn much about the progress their child has made, or the important bits the child needs to develop to become that competent and independent cyclist they hope for.  So a while back the RSP came up with a certificate that logs all of the learnt elements during that child’s cycle training.

It even had a space on the back for those heart-warming comments the instructor makes to encourage further practice!  Recently, the national body that oversees standards delivered by all of the Country’s cycle training deliverers brought out a new certificate and to our surprise, it now also includes elements of training successfully completed.  We’re delighted with this new national certificate and will continue to ensure parents throughout the County receive valuable information and advice about their child’s on-road riding progress.

Find out more about the Bikeability scheme available to your school and your child here.

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