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Pupils are being trained to help each other be safe on the roads

| 10.07.15

The Gloucestershire Road Safety Partnership has launched a project called ‘New Journey @ SkillZONE’ to support road safety and personal safety advice in schools.

The Road Safety Partnership is initially working with selected secondary schools across the county advising on road safety and personal safety for Year 8 pupils.

The training is different because it is delivered by pupils to other pupils in the school.

The Year 8 students are being trained to become ‘Road Safety Coaches’ for the new pupils in Year 7 who will be starting their first year at secondary school. The training looks at the personal safety challenges they may face, based on the older pupils’ experiences.

Each session focuses on how to travel safely on public transport, walking or cycling, and in a car, plus personal safety when leaving the house or being the first person home. Safety issues when using a shop are also covered.

The training for the Year 8 pupils will take place at Skillzone, Gloucestershire’s state-of-the-art life size safety village where people of all ages are taught how to recognise dangerous situations and stay safe. The students will return to school and arrange to meet and mentor the new Year 7’s in September, by which time they will be in Year 9.

Cllr Will Windsor-Clive, cabinet member responsible for road safety said, “This is a new way of training which aims to see more young people better prepared to keep themselves safe. We believe that Year 7 pupils can learn by hearing from their Year 9 peers about their experiences and create a new network of friends at the same time.”

The project, which began at the end of June and runs until mid July, is being delivered jointly by the Road Safety Partnership and SkillZONE.

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