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Riding out for Road Safety week on our Gloucestershire Rural routes

| 19.11.13

Riding out for Road Safety week on our Gloucestershire Rural routes

We travelled 155 miles to deliver a message, pausing only to take pictures and Tweet, the journey took us through The Forest of Dean, Hartpury, Tewkesbury, Bishops Cleeve and the Cotswolds, some of the routes are challenging some are exhilarating some are just convenient to get from AtoB but they all had one thing in common, too many riders are getting injured whilst riding on them.

As we rode through the heart of the Forest we were reminded of why we do what we do, approaching a junction at Speech House a driver waiting to emerge from a side road failed to see our four headlights, failed to see our bikes covered in reflective material, failed to spot the two riders wearing Hi-Viz and emerged into our path, fortunately we had spotted the car and the driver and had already reduced our speed and were prepared to stop.


  • 1st Stop A48 This is a well signed route use those signs as clues as to what’s coming up next, stay out of the chevrons these areas aren’t overtaking lanes and could be full of tyre puncturing debris.
  • A466 a great road to ride use the posts or tree line for a clue of where the road is going, the scenery may look nice but trees are unforgiving appropriate speed will help keep you out of them
  • A417 With its many junctions taking note of the signs and road markings is essential, overtaking another vehicle past one of those junctions could leave us facing a head on collision with an emerging vehicle.
  • A38 Nth Treat Lay-bys like junctions if there is a vehicle in it expect it to pull out motorcycles are even harder to spot in a cars mirror
  • A435 a busy road crossed by several minor roads, signs and paint on the road offers clues to approaching hazards, avoid overtakes near junctions.
  • A429 It’s very straight and wide with many chances to overtake slower vehicles, beware of the hidden dips overtaking approaching them could leave you face to face with an approaching vehicle.
  • A38Sth a busy commuter route with lots of slow moving HGV’s and farm traffic with a high number of adjoining roads there is an increased chance of a SMIDSY

Whilst the roads appear very different in their own characteristics the actions we need to take as riders are the same whichever roads you ride and whatever the reason for your journey.

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