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Safe and Social Driving Advice

At roundabouts when other drivers don’t bother to signal…

  • Unsure? Hold back & don’t assume.
  • Make sure you are signalling when appropriate.
  • Which direction is the driver looking?

When another drive makes a mistake…

  • Be calm.
  • All drivers make mistakes.

 When a driver overtakes a cyclist too close, too fast…

  • Allow time and space before pulling out.
  • Give plenty of ‘wobble-room’ for cyclists.

 When a drive lets me into their lane…

  • Be courteous.
  • Don’t forget to wave that ‘thank-you!’

 When following a slower vehicle & I can’t overtake…

  • Relax, drop back.
  • Accept these temporary conditions and be patient.

 When overtaken on the motorway and the drive pulls into too close…

  • Stay level headed – accept that all drivers make mistakes.
  • Congratulate yourself for avoiding a collision.
  • Drop back, and keep your distance.

 When I see a driver using a mobile phone…

  • Be aware and give them more room and time.
  • Report them as soon as it’s safe to do so.

 When a driver pulls out of a junction right in front of me…

  • Expect the unexpected.
  • Anticipate the actions of the other driver.
  • Put your car as far away from the danger as possible.

When I am in a queue of traffic and the slow driver pulls in to let us all pass…

  • Be courteous.
  • Don’t forget to wave that ‘thank-you!’

When drivers ignore temporary slower speeds past a school during school opening times…

  • Speed signs are not targets to aim for.
  • Think of others, the limit is there for a reason.
  • Stay slow for safety.

Safe & Social Driving

The Gloucestershire Road Safety Team are committed to working with everyone to ensure each journey made is as safe as possible. An important aim is to increase sociable driving as we believe that this will result in more peaceful and happy communities...

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Please take our Safe & Social Driving Questionnaire

Please take a few minutes to complete our safe and social driving questionnaire, your answers will help us understand more to get the best out of the campaign. If you have problems viewing the form, please use our alternative form...

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Safe & Social Driving: Alternative / Economical Travel

Thank you for being a safe and sociable driver, but have you considered alternative methods of transport, with the added benefits of reducing carbon emissions, less stress and more cost effective. Here are some useful websites to get you started:...

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