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Safe & Social Driving Questionnaire (Alternative)

Please take a few minutes to complete our safe and social driving questionnaire, your answers will help us understand more to get the best out of the campaign.

Gloucestershire Safe and Social Driving LogoWhat annoys you when driving? What are the things other people do that really get your goat? Or are you always calm and serene during your journey by car? Please take a moment to complete this questionnaire by ticking the box that is the closest to how you feel in each situation. Your responses will be invaluable to help us understand what behaviours drivers hate most and what they’d really like other motorists to do to make their experience a ‘Safe and Social Driving’ one.

Safe & Social Driving Questionnaire


Safe & Social Driving

The Gloucestershire Road Safety Team are committed to working with everyone to ensure each journey made is as safe as possible. An important aim is to increase sociable driving as we believe that this will result in more peaceful and happy communities...

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Safe and Social Driving Advice

At roundabouts when other drivers don’t bother to signal… Unsure? Hold back & don’t assume. Make sure you are signalling when appropriate. Which direction is the driver looking? When another drive makes a mistake… Be calm. All drivers make mistakes....

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Safe & Social Driving: Alternative / Economical Travel

Thank you for being a safe and sociable driver, but have you considered alternative methods of transport, with the added benefits of reducing carbon emissions, less stress and more cost effective. Here are some useful websites to get you started:...

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