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Rural Communities

We all know how beautiful our County is, blessed with glorious countryside and rural roads for us to use both for work and leisure.

Tragically, more people are killed on our rural roads than on the urban ones.

In the last 3 years, 87 people were killed on Gloucestershire’s roads.  Nearly three quarters (63) of those people were in a collision on one of our rural roads.

That is why this latest campaign focuses on what drivers can do to reduce their risk of being another sad statistic. Gloucestershire Country Roads Campaign was launched in October and supports the national campaign advising drivers to ‘Brake before the bend, not on it.’

This campaign, click here for more details, is part of our Safe & Sociable Driving initiative which can be found here.

Animals on the Road

Cows on the Commons! Cows are set to make their annual return around the Minchinhampton, Selsley and Rodborough Commons this May. We are urging all drivers to slow down as they use the roads that cross the area to reduce...

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Community Speed Watch

Community Speed Watch

Helping communities to help themselves and helping drivers to respect communities. As you drive through Gloucestershire’s communities, please remember a little care goes a long way. By following the speed limit and driving with care and consideration when sharing the...

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Out and About

Walking is the easiest & most frequently used form of exercise.  It enables most people to access our beautiful County, from meandering around the Cathedral columns to hiking up and down the Cotswolds hills.  We want everyone to enjoy our...

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Travelling Safely

Travelling safely

Our primary aim is for those who live and travel through Gloucestershire to do so safely. Wearing a seatbelt will dramatically reduce death or serious injury for all car occupants. For advice and information about wearing a seatbelt, visit the THINK...

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Driver Safety – Rural

There’s a great deal of satisfaction to be gained from driving skilfully on country lanes. There are other benefits too – there’s usually less traffic, fewer 30 mph speed limits, and some great views. But it’s important to remember that...

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Speed Cameras

Road Safety Partnership

Safety Camera Enforcement The team operates 26 fixed site speed cameras and 23 red light jumping cameras countywide. In addition, we have three mobile enforcement vehicles operating at over 60 sites across the county. Our work compliments the daily commitment of...

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Road Safety Lessons for Life

School Images

The best road safety teacher for your children is you We are not born with road safety skills – we all learn them from others. The only place road safety can be taught is in the street. When you are...

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FAQ – Rural

Is there a minimum speed for a car towing a caravan on a country lane? No, although the Highway Code makes clear you should not hold up a long queue of traffic if you are driving a large or slow-moving...

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