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Animals on the Road

Cows on the Commons!

Cows are set to make their annual return around the Minchinhampton, Selsley and Rodborough Commons this May. We are urging all drivers to slow down as they use the roads that cross the area to reduce the risk of harm to themselves, or to the cattle.

Last year, 8 cattle died in collisions with motor vehicles.  Around 500 local cattle are expected to appear in the commons on Saturday 13th May 2016, known as marking day.

How can you help?

  • Drive slowly across the Commons and keep observations up for cattle, especially at night or in bad weather

Get involved

  • Spread the word! Share our “Cows on the Common” Facebook posts or retweet our Twitter posts using the #CowsOnTheCommon
  • Get the children involved by downloading our colouring sheet here to raise awareness of cows being out on the common.

Riding Horses on the Road

Both drivers and horse riders have a right to use the road so it’s vital they share responsibility and always consider each other’s needs.  Here are the key points for drivers when meeting riders on the road…

  • On country roads, expect to see horses either being ridden or led.
  • Slow right down and pass wide and slow.
  • If you have to wait behind, keep well back, don’t use your horn and be patient.
  • If the rider is young or there are double file horses, take extra care.  Children will be less experienced and one of the horses in a double file may be young or inexperienced itself.
  • Horses are powerful but vulnerable animals, easily scared by noise and may panic around fast moving vehicles or loud engines.  So, stay calm and pass slowly when it’s safe to do so.
  • Look out for the riders’ signals and slow down or stop if asked to do so.  Riders should signal their intentions, but be aware that horses are unpredictable and a rider on a young or frightened horse may have their hands full.
  • Treat all horses as a potential hazard and expect the unexpected.

For more information please download the THINK! Horse sense for Motorist leaflet here or visit the British Horse Society website by clicking here.

Gloucestershire is a beautiful county to drive through but occasionally within our rural areas you may experience animals on the road.

Our top tips for dealing with this situation are:

  • Watch out for animals, especially on rural or on unfenced roads, – animals may be led, driven or ridden on the road, or they could be wild or farm animals, so take extra care.
  • Keep your speed down at bends and on narrow country roads, and when passing animals, drive slowly, give them plenty of room and be ready to stop.
  • Do not scare the animals by sounding your horn, revving your engine or accelerate rapidly once you have passed them.
  • For reporting dead animals in the Cotswolds please click here.
  • For reporting dead/lost animals in the Forest of Dean please click here.
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