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Road Safety Lessons for Life

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The best road safety teacher for your children is you

We are not born with road safety skills – we all learn them from others.

The only place road safety can be taught is in the street. When you are out and about with your child talk about you’re doing and what you’re looking for when crossing the road and set the best example you can.

Here are some road safety facts you may not know:

  • Most serious collisions involving children cycling happen close to home, on residential roads often with light traffic.
  • The most dangerous age is when children start and go through secondary school.
  • Boys are at a much higher risk than girls when walking or cycling.
  • Even when your child starts driving or riding a, motorcycle your help and support is invaluable. Keep talking with them about minimising the risk to them and those they travel with.

To help you keep your child safe we have provided lots of tips to develop their survival skills and cope safely on our roads. Make sure that grandparents, childminders or anyone looking after your child set a good example. Remember, children develop at different rates and only you can decide when your child is ready to move from one stage to the next.

You can see how the Road Safety Team campaign within schools to help keep our young residents safe when travelling to and from school in rural and urban areas with our latest ‘Don’t assume I have seen you campaign’.

For road safety materials just click here to request a range of resources suited to your child’s age and year group.

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