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Road safety skills for children

Road safety for your schoolThe best road safety teacher for your children is you.  Because road safety can only be taught in the street, when you’re out and about with your child talk about what you’re doing and what you’re looking for when crossing the road for example and set the best example you can.

  • Most serious collisions involving children walking or cycling happen close to home, on residential roads often with light traffic.
  • The most dangerous age is when children start and go through secondary school.
  • Boys are at much higher risk than girls when walking or cycling.
  • Even when your child takes to driving or motorcycling, your help and support will be invaluable so don’t stop talking with them about minimising the risk to them and those they travel with.

Useful Materials

The following pages will help you protect your child by giving tips developing their survival skills, coping safely in today’s road environment.  Make sure that grandparents, child-minders or anyone looking after your child sets the same example as you do.  And remember, children develop at different rates and only you can decide when your child is ready to move from one stage to the next.

Are your children at Pre-School?

Summer Long summer days mean lots of time for your children to play outdoors. When you are out walking, taking them to the park or seeing their friends, it’s a good chance for you to teach them how to cross...

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Are your children at Infant School?

Summer Long summer days mean lots of time for your children to play outdoors. Walk and talk with them, to the park, the playground or to see their friends.  It’s amazing how much they will learn from you; just make...

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Are your children at Junior School?

Summer If your child has just finished at Primary School and will be starting at Secondary School in September, talk through their new journey and walk it, bike it or bus it with them before they start doing it on...

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Are your children at Secondary School?

Summer With the end of term and the long summer holidays ahead, your child may want to get a holiday job.  Make sure they are responsible and safe cyclists or drivers when commuting. If they are heading out to a...

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