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Are your children at Infant School?


  • Don’t let dark evenings and winter weather stop you walking to school with your child, you just need the right kit!  Make sure your child’s warm coat is bright and that their school bag has some reflective strips on it.  Don’t forget bike lights if you and your child cycle to school.

What can you do?

  • Too many hands to hold? Get the child to hold on to the buggy or let an older child hold a younger child’s hand.
  • Walking is good for your child’s health and for yours. Walking with them near roads will help them understand the dangers.
  • Remember when walking with your child, they’re smaller and can’t see everything you can.
  • In the car, make sure children are strapped in properly and that you drive safely; click here for our ‘Travelling with young children page’ to see more details.
  • Make sure you have the right type of car seat for your child’s age and weight.
  • If you are interested in setting up a ‘Walking Bus’ to school click here for more information.

How can you do it?

  • Talk about what you see, what things are and what to do, click here  for How to use the Green Cross Code page’
  • Stop, look, listen and think every time you and your child cross a road.
  • Gradually, let your child take the lead, showing you where to stand, what to do and when to cross.
  • Play ‘spot the hazard’.
  • Let your child start to take responsibility for doing up their own seatbelt – but check it yourself before every journey.
  • For longer journeys, make sure you take regular breaks (at least 15 minutes in every 2 hours).


Being Prepared

  • Children at this age are not aware of road dangers. They should not be allowed out on their own.
  • Children cannot judge how fast a vehicle is travelling or how far away it is.
  • In a car crash, a child who is not safely strapped in the right car seat will be thrown about inside the vehicle, injuring themselves and others.
  • Children will copy the behaviour of adults, so if the grown-ups take risks, children will too.
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