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Are your children at Junior School?


  • Don’t let dark evenings and winter weather stop you walking to school with your child, you just need the right kit!  Make sure your child’s warm coat is bright and that their school bag has some reflective strips on it. If your child is starting to walk to school on their own, make sure they are using the safest route and crossing roads where they can see and be seen.

 What can you do?

  • Talk to your child about their journey to and from school, make sure they are still using the best places to cross and continue to support their growing independence.
  • When out walking or in the car, talk with your child about examples you see of other road users being distracted or speeding.
  • Walk with your child and set a good example (click here for our How to use the Green Cross Code page’ ).
  • In the car, always use the right car seat for the size and weight of your child click here to see our ‘Travelling with young children’ page.
  • If you are interested in setting up a ‘Walking Bus’ to school click here for more information.

How can you do it?

  • When walking, get your child to show you their looking and listening skills and how to use different crossings.
  • When cycling, ride with your child in front and let them show you their look backs, hand signals and road positioning.
  • Consider a Bikeability cycle training course for your child; these are often run from the local school, click here for our ‘Bikeability page’ for more details.
  • In the car, let your child put their seatbelt on but always check it is properly routed & buckled-up.
  • Get your child to remind everyone to put their seat belt on.

Being Prepared

  • Junior-aged children are most at risk when they’re walking or cycling away from grown-ups and when travelling in cars.
  • Children start to develop independence but will still need support, especially when crossing roads.
  • Children under 135cms tall and under 12 years old must, by law, use the right child car seat for their size and weight.
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