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Are your children at Secondary School?


  • With the end of term and the long summer holidays ahead, your child may want to get a holiday job.  Make sure they are responsible and safe cyclists or drivers when commuting. If they are heading out to a party, make sure they have a ‘Plan B’ for getting home safely – some cash for a taxi or an agreement with you that they will phone for a lift.  This avoids the difficulty of getting a lift in an overcrowded car or with a driver who they don’t trust.

What can you do?

  • Talk to them about the risks and encourage them to be cautious when using the road whether walking, cycling (click here for our ‘How to use the Green Cross Code page’ for more details) or as a car passenger.
  • Encourage them to consider the choices they have and to always to make the right ones for theirs and their friends safety.
  • Keep talking with your child as they become more independent. Support their growing independence by assuring them that they can develop the skills to stay safe.

How can you do it?

  • Make sure your child continues to use the best route possible to get to and from school.
  • ‘Be safe and be seen’ applies to everyone, it’s easy to wear or carry something light, bright or reflective.
  • Always have a ‘Plan B’ (click here for our ‘Passengers page’ for more details) – what could your child do if their journey doesn’t go as planned?
  • Who would they phone; have they cash or phone top-up to make the call; a buddy to help?

Being Prepared

  • Young people are at greater risk than any other age group, when using the road.
  • In any car crash, a person not wearing a seatbelt will be thrown about inside the vehicle, injuring themselves and others.
  • If they are still riding on pavements or using shared paths, warn them to take extra care when crossing or rejoining the road.
  • Their risk is higher because they are using busier roads, are out and about for longer and they are more likely to be unaccompanied than when they were younger.
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