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Urban Communities

From Cheltenham to Gloucester, Cirencester to Stroud and Tewkesbury to Coleford, the urban hubs of Gloucestershire thrive with both business and leisure road users.  Whether you are driving, walking, motorcycling, cycling, we want your journeys through our urban areas to be as safe as possible.

Community Speed Watch

Community Speed Watch

Helping communities to help themselves and helping drivers to respect communities. As you drive through Gloucestershire’s communities, please remember a little care goes a long way. By following the speed limit and driving with care and consideration when sharing the...

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Engineering and Auditing

road safety

Road Safety Engineering How Road Safety is involved in Gloucestershire Road Safety Engineering Every Personal Injury Collision received by the team is analysed to help determine and prioritise the best way to reduce the possibility of future collisions occurring. Was...

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Out and About

Walking is the easiest & most frequently used form of exercise.  It enables most people to access our beautiful County, from meandering around the Cathedral columns to hiking up and down the Cotswolds hills.  We want everyone to enjoy our...

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Cycling – Urban

Cycling is a great way to move around the county.   Here are a few simple tips to stay safe when cycling on our urban roads: Ensure your bike is roadworthy Regularly check your brakes and tyre pressure. Don’t ignore any...

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Driver Safety – Urban

Urban Driving Image

Plan Your Route Navigating a busy, built up area can be difficult at the best of times, so it is essential you know exactly where you are going. Be ready to drive Be aware of your responsibilities to other road...

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Motorcycle safety

Urban Motorcycling Image

Commuting by motorcycle for work can save both time and money and parking can be easier. But, to get the best out of your machine and your journey, consider the following tips: Never assume the driver has seen you and...

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FAQ – Urban

What  do I do if an emergency service vehicle needs to pass? Slow down and be prepared to stop to allow the Emergency Service vehicle to get through but be cautious where you pull over. In stationary traffic, how far...

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