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Engineering and Auditing

road safety

Road Safety Engineering

How Road Safety is involved in Gloucestershire Road Safety Engineering

  • Every Personal Injury Collision received by the team is analysed to help determine and prioritise the best way to reduce the possibility of future collisions occurring. Was the incident the result of driver error or were there other contributory factors?
  • The Safety Schemes Coordinator considers all the available factors e.g. the time and day of the week the collision occurred, the weather conditions, existing road layout, the type of road surface, the speed and condition of the vehicle and who was injured.
  • Local safety schemes are only developed after a thorough investigation of the collisions that have occurred in the County.  Analysis usually covers the most recent three years and the analysis is carried out annually. Consequently, local schemes are not usually generated from individual requests. These schemes are only developed after a thorough investigation of the collisions that have occurred in the County.
  • Each site is assessed using a standardised calculation, which generates a score based on set criteria in line with our Local Transport Plan Targets. In summary this calculation is based on: The number of users against the number and type of casualties occurring in a 3-year period, showing us a road users ‘exposure to risk’.
  • Feasibility studies are carried out to determine the best engineering solution for the circumstances, from installing an appropriate warning sign to completely revising the layout at a busy junction. Engineering solutions play a vital part in making our roads safer for all.
  • Each scheme is independently assessed to make sure it delivers a sufficient predicted casualty saving against the cost of the scheme to ensure value for money.
  • Gloucestershire Manual for Streets contains all information developers need to submit a planning application – including guidance on Cycle Design and the Safety Audit Guidance.
  • To make your journey easier and ease congestion check here for local road works.

Example Engineering Schemes

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