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Cotswolds 2Walking is the easiest & most frequently used form of exercise.  It enables most people to access our beautiful County, from meandering around the Cathedral columns to hiking up and down the Cotswolds hills.  We want everyone to enjoy our City, towns & countryside in safety so please take a few minutes to remind yourself about how you can dramatically reduce your own risk and that of others around you when sharing the roads with those who are driving or riding.



Higher volumes of traffic and increased obstacles can make keeping safe as a pedestrian in an urban area difficult, particularly for children.

Talking with your child or grandchildren when you’re out and about is the best way to teach them road safety.



Help them to keep safe by encouraging them to:

  • Stop! Look! And listen!
  • Plan the route before you set out.  Avoid peak times if you can.
  • Concentrate when crossing the road and avoid being distracted by using a mobile phone, or listening to music.
  • Slow down – don’t rush! Always use safe crossing places if provided.
  • Use pelican, puffin and zebra crossings, traffic islands, overhead bridges and subways where available.
  • Avoid crossing on blind corners and between parked cars.

For more information please visit our How to use the Green Cross Code page.


Mobility1For anyone who would like support and advice about using powered wheelchairs & mobility scooters, click here.

To find out more about Shop mobility in Gloucestershire, click here.



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