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Safer Journeys

As you travel through Gloucestershire’s communities as a driver, rider or pedestrian please remember a little care goes a long way. By following the speed limit with care you can make a real difference.

Respectful driving and riding reduces damaging noise and vibration and harmful emissions. It also makes our communities nicer places – and safer – to live.

We all lead busy lives and sometimes stressful lives and it can be easy to forget how our behaviour can affect others. By taking a moment to remember the impact you make and by aiming to be a caring commuter you can help a great deal.


Cycling is a great way to have fun and stay fit at any age. It’s also a brilliant way to get around our county, whether for work or for leisure. At the Gloucestershire Road Safety Team we want to make...

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Help when things go wrong

How do you define a good driver? One who is courteous to pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists on the road? One who respects the communities they drive through? One who drives with care? We think all of the above. A good driver...

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Travelling as a car passenger is something which thousands of people in Gloucestershire do every day and part of that experience is to avoid distracting the driver and always wear the seatbelt. Wearing the belt became law in 1983 and...

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