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You and your Licence

Road Legal

As a driver you are responsible for ensuring that the vehicle you are using is legal and that all of the documents are available. Make sure that documents with a time limit are still valid, such as the road tax. Find out what you are responsible for by clicking this link.

Road accidents and anti-social driving happens when road rules are broken. You, as a driver, are responsible to know the rules, follow them and to keep their knowledge up-to-date. The rules are published in the Highway Code, available at most bookshops. You can also buy it online or view online free of charge here.

Are you a new driver? Or a driver who is unsure what to do when you are asked to renew your licence?

To apply for a new provisional license please click here, or if you would like to renew your license please click here.

Renew your driving licence if you’re 70 or over

Once you reach 70, you must renew every 3 years (as long as you aren’t prevented from driving for any reason). Renew your driving licence online with DVLA for free if you’re 70 or over – or soon will be by clicking here.

Non-GB driving licence

Do you have a non-GB driving licence (GB – Great Britain – is England, Wales and Scotland)? Click here to see if you can drive in Gloucestershire and the rest of Great Britain.


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