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FAQ – Motorcyclist

I’m thinking about  learning to ride a moped/motorcycle.

Visit for more information on learning to ride.

Where can I find information on the new licence laws?

Download the DSA’s Routes to your motorcycle licence here.

Where can i find information about the DSA practical test?

Visit for an overview of the test.

Do you run Bikesafe in Gloucestershire?

Yes, visit the bikesafe site for more detail

I have a motorcycle licence what other training is available?

Visit out Keeping Up Your Skills page for further information.

Where can I get a CRASH card?

Visit CRASH card information page

What do they check during an MOT?

Download a copy of Your Motorbike and the MOT or for more detail the MOT testers manual is here.

What is the legal size of a number plate?

Download the DVLA’s guide to vehicle registration numbers and number plates.

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