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Motorcycle Route Campaign

Riders and drivers are being urged to take extra care on rural and urban roads through a series of signs placed on vital routes this summer.

The routes have been selected because they have been the scene of motorcycle collisions in the past – the aim is to reduce the number of riders injured by making riders and drivers more aware of each other and potential hazards.

The campaign is highlighting the fact that the biggest factor in collisions remains drivers and riders failing to look properly, while motorcyclists are also being encouraged to consider their speed on rural routes especially around junctions.

In the period 2013 to 2015, the number of motorcyclists killed and seriously injured casualties in Gloucestershire was 137. This number can fall if all road users ensure they are responsible and are aware of the particular risks facing riders.

The 2016 motorcycle campaign routes


What are we doing to keep you safe?

‘Ride it Right’ routes

Sign posting routes that have suffered a high number of motorcycle collisions to send a clear message to all road users to ‘THINK BIKE’ and be aware.

Engineering safer locations

Improving specific locations to help you enjoy a safer ride.

Growing our Facebook community

Listening to you and enabling you to join a growing community of riders on our Facebook page – join today on Facebook or on Twitter

Making referrals to training

Supporting all of Gloucestershire’s advanced motorcycle groups and encouraging riders to take up further training, from BikeSafe to a full advanced riding qualification. For more information on training visit our ‘Keeping up your skills’ page.

Supporting local events

Attending events from rider nights to motorcycling festivals, we are on-hand to offer advice and support to riders, their families and those considering taking it up. To find our more events in your area visit our calendar here.

Providing education for new and future riders

Offering advice to young riders within schools and colleges, on how to stay safe and access free on-road rider improvement training.

What can you do?

  • Take a windscreen sticker and help spread the message to all road users to THINK BIKE. To get one please use our contact us form.
  • Understand where, how and why it goes wrong.
  • Collisions most commonly occur:

– On bends.
– At junctions.
– Whilst overtaking.
– Loss of control.

Consider these tips and reduce your risk of being involved in a collision:

  • Read the road – search for clues, signs, markings, tree & hedge lines.
  • Expect – People make mistakes, expect it, Ask yourself what might they do next?
  • Anticipate – Act in good time, have a plan with an alternative should the situation change.
  • Legal – Riding outside of the rules will mean you are making manouvres or traveling at a speed unexpected by drivers increasing the risk of a collision.

We never stop learning, so why not have a look at our ‘Keeping up your skills’ page for more information and advise.

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