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Spare a thought for motorbike riders and help cut casualties, Gloucestershire motorists told

| 12.10.15

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Riding a motorbike may sound like a practice fraught with danger and risk – but it does not need to be.

Recent high profile accidents in the county have put the spotlight on motorcycling and the risk it poses.

While, overall, motorbike accidents pale in comparison with the hundreds of casualties resulting from car crashes, the chances of serious injury or death are far higher.

In 2014, there were 133 deaths and injuries involving motorbikes – eight people died and 46 seriously hurt.

This year has been no different, with a number of deaths and serious injuries on the roads.

But efforts to improve how learners are taught to ride are being made within the motorbike industry and there are a number of organisations in Gloucestershire offering advanced lessons for those new to the road to improve their chances. Photographer Clint Randall, 46, who lives in Nailsworth, has been riding bikes since he was 16 and has no thoughts of giving it up.

“It’s getting worse. People are getting less tolerant of bikes – they get too close to you and don’t give you space,” he said.

“It’s hard work and I find all the time I have to concentrate on making eye contact with drivers because otherwise they I do not think they will notice me.”

“You can be put off by the stats because they are frightening but I have done some fantastic extra training and I feel so much safer. It’s well worth doing.”

Garry Handley, road safety delivery manager, said there are many benefits to motorcycling including being economical, environmentally-friendly and fun.

“And by being careful and considerate whenever we ride we can reduce the risks of things going wrong.

“By following simple rules, riders can enjoy the benefits of riding in our beautiful county for years to come.”
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