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Steve’s Story: What a drink drive conviction cost me

| 15.12.13

Steve is 45 and from Cheltenham and talks about life without a license

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to pass on my experience, having had nearly a year without my licence.

I counted myself as a professional driver – a Sales Manager driving an average of 35k miles a year for the past 27 years. I didn’t normally drink/ drive – in fact my partner is teetotal and always happy to drive!

On the day I “Got Done” I had been in my local pub for a couple on a Sunday lunchtime and drove less than a mile home. I thought I’d be fine? I shouldn’t have had any.

Half way back, I was in collision with a left hand drive lorry, who cut the corner. The accident would have taken place had I had a drink or not – but the consequences very different!

You go to court – it’s a criminal offence, your name is in the paper.

Until it happens to you, you just don’t realise how difficult life is without a car – standing on bus stops in the rain and cold – waiting for trains – not just occasionally – but every day – for 15 months in my case. My income has been cut in half – I am one of the lucky ones – I have a job, but over half the people I have met who have lost their licences – lost their jobs.

Just going shopping, getting about I have had to rely on friends and family, it’s like being a child again – please can you take me to….. Any chance you can pick me up from….

Getting to an appointment last week involved 4 trains, 2 buses and cadging a lift (twice actually) – what would have been 5/6 hours turned into a 14 hour day – and that was just Monday!

I am not seeking sympathy – I was the fool who got behind the wheel! I am currently 2 weeks into a 4 week driver rehabilitation course – reduces your ban, but you lose 4 Saturdays – then realise what effect the stupidity and selfishness of drink driving has on others!

And, I was lucky – in my case nobody was injured…or worse.


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