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Talking about Child Car Seats with the County’s Children and Families Team

| 23.03.17

New child seat regulations, which came into force last month have been causing concern and some confusion amongst members of the public and our own GCC staff in the Children’s Services Teams.  So, the County’s Road Safety Team has been scheduling visits to these teams throughout the County giving them advice and the reassurance that so long as they continue to restrain children in their care in suitable child restraints they’re doing the right job.

The new rule changes only apply to a new Booster Cushion (just the base) product.  Existing Booster Cushion seats used by parents that comply to safety standards will continue to be suitable child restraints in law.  These visits have also included checks of child seats the teams currently use for their clients children and advice on fitting.

So far Children’s Services and Children & Families Teams in Cheltenham, Cirencester and Stroud have been visited.  Cinderford’s is scheduled for a visit in May.

Link to child seat check web page

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