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What you need to know as a driver

FTL1. Motorcyclists and cyclists can be invisible to you if you do not make a conscious decision to look for them

2. A glance is never enough – always look right and left at least twice. This doubles your chance of seeing a vehicle

3. Make a point of looking next to the windscreen pillars. Better still, lean forward slightly as you look right and left so that you are looking around the door pillars. Be aware that the pillar nearest to you blocks more of your vision.

4. It is especially difficult to spot bicycles, motorbikes and pedestrians during low sun conditions, rain or through a dirty windscreen as contrast is reduced.

5. Slow down on approach to junctions or roundabouts, even if the road seems empty. Changing speed will allow you to see vehicles that would otherwise be invisible to you

6. If you are looking at your mobile telephone then you are incapable of seeing much else. Not only are you probably looking down into your lap, but your eyes are focused at less then one metre and every object at distance will be out of focus. Even when you look up and out, it takes a fraction of a second for your eyes to adjust – this is time you may not have. The same is true of SATNAVs and radios.

What you need to know as a motorcyclist

1.Position yourself in the best place to maximize your visibility of potential hazards 2. Avoid lingering in the blind spots created by the A-pillars and C-pillars of cars; those are the front 3/4 and rear 3/4 angle views out of...

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What you need to know as a cyclist

1. Position yourself in the safest and best place to maximize your visibility and your view of potential hazards 2. If you ride in a vehicles blind spot, you will be invisible to the driver. This is particularly true of...

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What else can you do?

The Road Safety Team have developed a training package for businesses which looks specifically at the issues surrounding “failing to look, failing to see”. The “Coming to a Junction Near You” package is targeted at drivers, riders and cyclists and...

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The Invisibles

Half of all cycle crashes and a third of all motorcycle crashes in Gloucestershire involved another vehicle where the driver “failed to look”. That’s over 700 riders who have been hurt on our roads since 2008 in preventable and avoidable...

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