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What If? Roadshow


What If Social Media launch statement2

Have you seen the ‘What If?’ roadshow trailer yet? It looks at the philosophy, ethics, psychology & costs of a crash. Watch it below:

Adam & Louis will take us on a journey, exploring their emotions & presenting the harsh realities post collision.

What If Road Show Introducing the lads

Filming for the What If? Road show is well underway. The film will be 35 mins long and will be part of the show.

What If Road Show Social Media Filming

The What If? roadshow video is currently being edited, host venues are being booked. The excitement is building!


Recreating the scene of the collision for the final scene of the documentary. It made the local news.

Whatf if final scene FB

The ripple effect of a collision. It’s not just the casualties that feel the consequences: parents, friends.

Crash Scene

Rehearsals are currently underway for the road show with 23 schools booked in already!

What If Road Show Number of schools

The countdown is on!

Launch Date

The What If? roadshow is only one of our young driver and passenger interventions. More info available here.

Young Driver Interventions2

Why is the What If? project targeting those studying in Further Education? The evidence shows they are most at risk.

Road Show Project Plan stats

Royal Agricultural University rehearsals

Behind the scenes of the rehearsals at the Royal Agricultural University with the film maker, one of the many speakers and the stage for the film.

Paul the film maker checking everything is in order.


Speakers practicing their powerful speeches as part of the show.


The stage where the show will be presented with a glimpse of the film ahead.


Pictures from the What If? Roadshow

A selection of photographs from the roadshow, including students attending, speakers and venues hosting the show.

The What If? roadshow plan

The What If? roadshow plan can be found by clicking here.

Road Show Project Plan Cover

Why not download the What if? Movie Poster here?


For more updates and insights into the project, follow the What If? Roadshow on social media:

What if Facebook What if Twitter What if Instagram




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