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Winter Travelling

Travelling in adverse weather:

The best advice is to avoid driving or riding in adverse weather, but if you have no alternative then there are several things that you can do to make your journey safer and less stressful.

First of all you can take a moment to refresh your memory about the advice in the Highway Code when travelling in adverse weather by clicking here.



HA-Advice-about-driving-in-bad-weatherIf you would like to see more detailed advice then please take the time to read the advice in this PDF leaflet by clicking here (opens a new window).

Please remember that as well as preparing yourself for adverse weather, take extra time before driving off to prepare your car. Always make sure your windows are clear of mist, ice and snow, inside and out. Keep your windscreen clean and replace worn wiper blades. Dirty windows and mirrors can make it hard to see in low winter sun, not to mention the extra spray, ice and rain in bad winter, and replace worn wiper blades.

A lot of collisions in adverse weather are caused by people not braking in time when the roads are wet or slippery. If it’s foggy, raining, snowing or icy, make sure you slow down and keep well back from the vehicle in front of you.

Finally, if you can ‘see’ that the weather isn’t good, make sure that you take every step to be seen yourself by turning on your lights, and make every effort to look for and see other road users, especially people walking and riding.

Is your journey necessary?

FloodingIn serve weather plan your journey ahead if you need to travel and keep up to date with the latest weather and travel information. Click here for more information.




Here is a short video on how to stay safe on the roads when driving in heavy flooding.  If you are cycling, riding a moped or motorcycling avoid riding through water where you are unable to see the road surface due to the risk of raised drain covers, damaged road surface and mud or debris under the water.

Roads closed due to severe weather:

Snow For the latest travel information on the counties roads, click here for the latest Gloucestershire travel news provided by BBC Travel.





RoadWorksFor the latest information on current and planned roadworks in Gloucestershire please click here. A roadworks online map is available to show where all the latest work is being carried out.



Report an issue:

ProblemIf you find a problem report it directly to Gloucestershire County Council, including potholes, flooding, street light faults, blocked drains and overgrown trees and shrubbery, click here.

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