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A word with…..

| 06.03.14

Natalie Oakley, Public Engagement Manager

“We’re cradle to grave” my former manager used to say, “from that first trip home from hospital in a car seat to the final journey to your place of rest – and everything in between.” It stuck with me, primarily because it’s true. The jobs we do in the Road Safety Partnership, aim to make every journey you ever take as safe as possible. We are built on the traditional principles of road safety: education, engineering and enforcement and the ‘e’ that I am responsible for: engagement.

My team are responsible for all road safety Public Engagement activity. Marketers by profession, our role is to champion the needs of our customers – our residents and our road users and to make sure our customer sits at the heart of every piece of work we deliver.

Aside from press which is managed by the Police and GCC press team – the Public Engagement team are responsible for all areas of marketing in the Partnership including strategic marketing planning, digital & social media, events, marketing communications & brand management, customer research and evaluation and all road safety campaigning.

We are a small team of two. There’s Ruth: she manages all things digital. Ruth rebuilt our website this year from scratch. It’s slick and driven by customer need and she should be rightly proud of all the top feedback we are getting from our residents on it. Ruth picks up a host of marketing communications projects too – in the past year she’s covered everything from young pedestrian safety, to cycle training, motorcycle safety and young driver and passenger engagement.! Ruth is also responsible for marketing our cycle training arm and promoting cycling.

And there’s me – Natalie. I am responsible for our overall engagement and marketing output. I am passionate about marketing and genuinely love my job. Market research and strategic planning makes me happy as does branding, events and social media. Together with Ruth, we deliver the road safety engagement campaigns alongside the enforcement programmes of our Police partners.

We campaign to change offending and dangerous driving behaviour in the customer segments that need it the most and look at major collision & injury causes such as drink driving, speeding, mobile phones and non seatbelt wearing. We campaign to make a difference – to improve safety across the county.

I am hugely proud of the work we do in the Engagement team. We work hard and we work smart and we secretly love the pressure and exhaustion this job brings! We’ve recently been announced as Finalists in the Marketing Campaign of the Year category at the Gloucestershire Women in Business Awards for our winter anti drink drive campaign and it’s fantastic to be recognised.

Now back to work…. I’ve got a motorcycle safety campaign to plan….



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