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Don’t get wrecked by drink drug driving

| 10.07.15

A new workshop is educating more than four thousand 17-24 year olds across the county to be aware of the dangers of drink drug driving.

The event, aimed at young pre and novice drivers and their passengers, has been developed by the Gloucestershire Road Safety Partnership and Gloucestershire Engineering Training to support their anti drink drug driving campaign.

By working together these agencies want to prevent incidents from happening by teaching young people about the emotional and physical consequences of being involved in a crash after drinking or taking drugs.

They will learn about the law and enforcement for drink and drug drivers and how a driving conviction could affect their future.

As part of staged road traffic collision the learners will experience what it would be like to be cut out of a vehicle by the emergency services, showcasing the equipment which is used during a rescue operation.

The course also covers drink driving the morning after and how to calculate a unit.

The new ‘Drugs Wipe’ used for detecting drug driving is also discussed.

Cllr Will Windsor Clive cabinet member for fire, infrastructure and planning said, “The amount of accidents that have happened as a result of drink driving in Gloucestershire has drastically reduced, but sadly some people still feel as though they can control a vehicle after they’ve drunk alcohol or taken drugs. The ‘Wrecked’ prevention course will reach more than four thousand local young people this year with it’s vital message.”

The Police Crime Commissioner Martin Surl, said, “I feel passionate about the importance of educating young people on the dangers of getting behind the wheel under the influence of drink or drugs. That’s why tackling the issue it is one of my top priorities. The workshop which has been developed by the police and crime commissioner’s safe and social driving coordinator Louise White is fantastic and really could help save lives. I would encourage everyone to find out more about how the course can help.”

The workshop, which is free to attend, can be booked through the safe and social driving co-ordinator by The workshop is held at SkillZone the counties state-of-the-art life size safety village.

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