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Young driver’s & passengers

Here are our young driver and passenger interventions we provide to help educate pupils across Gloucestershire.


’Wrecked’ is a one hour workshop designed to reduce the harm caused by drink and drug driving. It is also known as ‘The good, bad and ugly’ due to its distinct sections delivered by the three partner agencies (Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue, Police and Road Safety). Nationally, drink and drug drive fatalities are increasing and local collision data informs us that 15-29 year olds are most at risk of becoming a casualty from a drink and/or drug related collision. The one hour workshop can be booked at anytime during the academic year. A recent evaluation found that the impact of the workshop was considerable – more than 80% said it would change their driving behaviour!


Drive iQ Gloucestershire:

Drive IQ Gloucestershire

Drive iQ Gloucestershire (DIQG) is a localised online driving awareness programme, which is certificated and has 12 modules that can be self studied or completed as part of the extra curriculum. Young drivers will acquire knowledge that will inform their decision making processes to reduce risk taking and misconceptions. Module themes include distractions, alcohol and drugs, seatbelts, thrill seeking, eye scanning and perception. DIQG is a programme that teachers view as invaluable to their students’ holistic education and they are working closely with Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue to implement the programme. Scientific analysis shows that DIQG is reaching students on both an attitudinal and behavioural level.


By Pass The DangerThe most popular form of transport for getting from A to B is a car and in Gloucestershire car occupants, aged 16 – 24 are the age group most likely to be killed or seriously injured. Our collision data informs us passengers aged 15 – 19 are at greatest risk. This workshop focuses on encouraging young people to ‘speak up’ to careless or dangerous driving. It is designed to empower decision making and provides some useful strategies to reduce risk. The presentation is 45 minutes long and is delivered by operational firefighters.


Drive for Life (DFL) events

Drive for Life events are designed to safeguard the driving futures of students by focusing on changing the attitude and behaviour of young drivers and their passengers. This is a multi-agency road safety day hosted by the school or college and delivered by the RSP, GFRS, Gloucestershire Constabulary and Great Western Air Ambulance Charity. Timetabled workshops delivered by partner agencies are the core element of the day. They focus on risk taking, the emotional consequences and the law (all themes the young drivers felt were needed in the 2014 research). In addition, road safety professionals and exhibitors are invited from the public, private and voluntary sectors to reinforce safe and social driving.


What if…? Theatre Roadshow

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The Road Safety Team, Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue, Gloucestershire Constabulary, Great Western Air Ambulance Charity and the Severn Major Trauma Network are host the ‘What if…..?’ roadshow.  The aim is to reach out to 17-24 year olds who are most at risk of becoming a casualty from a road traffic collision. The audience are presented with a film, detailing the story of two young men who were recently involved in a ‘crash’ in the Forest of Dean. They take us on a journey, exploring their emotions and presenting the harsh realities post incident. Alongside the film are on-stage testimonies from professionals who attend road traffic collisions and those who have been affected by them. It is hosted at four central venues in Gloucestershire with transport provided from the Road Safety Team.


Eyes on The Road

‘Failing to Look’ is the biggest cause of road traffic collisions in Gloucestershire!  Eyes on the Road (EOTR) is a presentation about how our eyes work when we are driving. Our sight is considered to be the most dominant sense when moving about and whilst our vision is brilliant, it is not perfect. This workshop explores the limitations of our eyes and strategies we can use to reduce human failings. Research shows that young people are more likely to take risks, to overestimate their capabilities and to underestimate the complexity of the task. This is unfortunately reflected in our collision data. By booking EOTR students will be more aware of how our vision and perception works and this is vital to understanding safer use of the roads.




Skillzone promotional image

Imagine a life-size village with shops, a playground, a double decker bus, traffic lights, a train carriage and much more, all under one roof.  A place where your students can learn about staying safe in the most exciting ways. A...

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School Crossing Patrols

SCP Diamond Jubilee 2013

Calling all Drivers – you can make life easier for people who are crossing with one of our Patrols.  Please drive carefully, slow down as you approach and be prepared to stop when the Patrol puts up the ‘STOP’ sign....

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Bikeability Training

The Gloucestershire Road Safety Team offer every school age child over 9yrs the chance to do cycle training, delivered through the Bikeability scheme. The Bikeability scheme has had some great benefits. Click on the image below to find out more: Give youngsters the...

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FAQ – School

We intend taking pupils on a trip using a mini-bus.  What is the law about seatbelts in mini-buses and what advice would you give? Passengers sitting in the front seats, and any exposed seat, MUST use the seat belts that...

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