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School Communities

If you are a parent, pupil, teacher, governor, child-minder or grandparent – you are all part of a School Community.

Look below at our Road Safety for Parents and Road Safety for Teachers tabs to take you to the information and ideas you can use.  Keep those you love, look after and teach safe on the roads.

Road Safety Resources for Teachers

School Images

Are you the Head of Key stage 3? Did you know that the most significant risk of injury whilst travelling out and about in Gloucestershire for pupils aged 12,13 and 14 years is when they are pedestrians? Car passengers and...

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Road safety skills for children

Road safety for your school

The best road safety teacher for your children is you.  Because road safety can only be taught in the street, when you’re out and about with your child talk about what you’re doing and what you’re looking for when crossing the...

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Skillzone promotional image

Imagine a life-size village with shops, a playground, a double decker bus, traffic lights, a train carriage and much more, all under one roof.  A place where your students can learn about staying safe in the most exciting ways. A...

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School Crossing Patrols

SCP Diamond Jubilee 2013

Calling all Drivers – you can make life easier for people who are crossing with one of our Patrols.  Please drive carefully, slow down as you approach and be prepared to stop when the Patrol puts up the ‘STOP’ sign....

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Bikeability Training

The Gloucestershire Road Safety Team offer every school age child over 9yrs the chance to do cycle training, delivered through the Bikeability scheme. The Bikeability scheme has had some great benefits. Click on the image below to find out more: Give youngsters the...

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FAQ – School

We intend taking pupils on a trip using a mini-bus.  What is the law about seatbelts in mini-buses and what advice would you give? Passengers sitting in the front seats, and any exposed seat, MUST use the seat belts that...

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